sunil gavaskar

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Early Promise

Sunil Gavaskar

Sunil Gavaskar was the first to get 10,000 Test runs and 30 centuries.
Early Promise

Sunil Gavaskar had a great cricketing heritage in his family. His father was a good club cricketer in his days. Gavaskars early obsession for the game was harnessed by his mother. Cricket fascinated Gavaskar ever since he was a little boy. In his childhood, Sunny used to play cricket with his mother in the small gallery of their apartment. He played with his mother with a tennis ball. From the very begging he showed a lot of promise. Once, playing with his mother Sunil hit a straight drive so hard on her face that her nose started bleeding.Sunnys obsession with the bat became so strong that whenever he was out, he would walk home with the bat and the ball, which usually brought an end to the game as no body else in the neighborhood had the bat and ball. To avoid spending long hours in the field, his friends used to appeal at a decided point, no matter Sunny was out or not. Seeing his potential, Sunil Gavaskar was sent to the St. Xaviers High School as it had a rich tradition of cricket.

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