rules to play lacrosse

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Learn how to catch

Rules to play Lacrosse

Learn how to catch

This is all about hand eye coordination. With your dominant hand up near the bottom of your head, watch the ball travel through the air and into your pocket. Make sure you dont cradle as the ball enters your stick. Instead of cradling, simply loosen your grip on your top hand; as the ball enters the stick, let the momentum of the ball push the whole stick back a little bit. Again, wall ball will really help here.

Lacrosse positions
Learn how to cradle
Know the basic play
Understand possession and offsides
After each goal
Lacrosse equipment
Learn how to defend
Understand that the mens and womens
Understand the object of the game
Practice your ground balls
Learn to read the field and know when to move off the ball
How to Fit Your Lacrosse Helmet
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