river rafting

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Rafting Dont

River Rafting

Rafting Dont

Do not stand up in moving current. If you unintentionally fall into the water, you want to float on your back with your toes pointed up, facing downstream.
Do not wear cotton if you are going rafting in the cold weather. For the cooler months wetsuits, neoprene, polypropylene and wool are all items you can wear to keep you warm and dry.
Do not bring use alcohol or illegal substances while on your trip. It is dangerous and can bring harm to you, your guides, and fellow rafters.
Do not use your paddle as a splashing device
Avoid fallen debris and trees branches in the river

Choose a good life jacket
Prepare beforehand
Know your physical limitations
Check local regulations
Know the Classifications
Rafting Do
Dont drink alcohol before the trip
Always have a good grip
Know the proper swimming techniques
Choose a licensed and professional rafting outfitter
Rafting Dont
Be safe and comfortable Wear the protective gear
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