expensive things youll need in your dream house

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A secret playroom with a hidden kid sized entrance

Expensive Things Youll Need In Your Dream House

Expensive Things Youll Need In Your Dream House
A secret playroom with a hidden kid sized entrance

This is the ideal and cutest playroom that your little one can have. He just needs to crawl in and out through this tiny entrance and enter his world of fun and frolic. The tiny table and chair set along with the wooden cabinet sure add to the charm and help him learn the basics of furniture. Who could imagine that what otherwise seems to be a bookcase lined with books could open up another world to a child The door, one would imagine is just another door to a cabinet. But once you open it, a real surprise awaits you. Thats the fun of it all.

A kitchen trap door leading to a huge underground wine cellar
A treehouse themed kids room where the bed is burrowed in the treehouse
A four sided Lego wall with unlimited potential for creativity
A swimming pool that doubles as a home theater
This bookshelf which opens up to reveal a hidden room
Accordion windows that transform a boring kitchen into an outdoor patio bar
A secret agent like popup garage that youll show off to every guest
A small cozy reading nook under the stairs for quiet afternoons
Your own mini golf course and putting range nestled between rooms
inside are more books and a secret storage compartment beneath the bed
An gigantic two story closet for your infinite collection of shoes clothes and more shoes
In every single room of the house
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