expensive things youll need in your dream house

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An entire room dedicated to sleepovers with a fireplace

Expensive Things Youll Need In Your Dream House

Expensive Things Youll Need In Your Dream House
An entire room dedicated to sleepovers with a fireplace

What truly and really stands out in this room is the fifty inch giant screen for watching movies or television. Large and comfortable floor cushions abound and one can simply lounge easily on them while watching something on the giant screen. The roaring blaze in the fireplace lends the room a cosy and warm look and makes it ideal for use, especially on winter evenings. The dome like ceiling also gives the room a cave like appearance and the lighting is also subdued making it ideal for television or film watching. The occupants look as relaxed as they enjoy a glass of wine also.

A small cozy reading nook under the stairs for quiet afternoons
This amazing space saving bookshelf for your office
A romantic fireplace that serves both the bathtub and bedroom
A three story climbing wall built into the stairwell
kitchen walls that lift up to reveal the swimming pool
In every single room of the house
This ultra secret bedroom closet waterslide that leads to a luxurious indoor pool
An gigantic two story closet for your infinite collection of shoes clothes and more shoes
A huge backyard treehouse with patio and balcony
A swimming pool that doubles as a home theater
This multi layered family sized pool and beachhouse so you can throw the best pool parties in the whole town
This sneaky refrigerator under your kitchen island
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