precautions while using laboratory thermometers

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Clean the thermometer after each use

Precautions while using Laboratory Thermometers

The precautions to be observed while reading a laboratory thermometer.
Clean the thermometer after each use

Clean the thermometer after each use with an alcohol rub or according to the manufacturers directions.Even when using a disposable sleeve, its best to sanitize the thermometer to reduce the risk of spreading any germs. While an individual thermometer is able to measure degrees of hotness, the readings on two thermometers cannot be compared unless they conform to an agreed scale. Today there is an absolute thermodynamic temperature scale.

Turn the thermometer on and make sure the reading is at zero
Discard the plastic cover and put a new one on
Resistance thermometer
Clean the thermometer after each use
Laboratory thermometers are devices used to measure temperature
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Thermometer Safety
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