precautions while using laboratory thermometers

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Precautions while using Laboratory Thermometers

The precautions to be observed while reading a laboratory thermometer.

Thermometers utilize a range of physical effects to measure temperature. Temperature sensors are used in a wide variety of scientific and engineering applications, especially measurement systems. Temperature systems are primarily either electrical or mechanical, occasionally inseparable from the system which they control (as in the case of a mercuryinglass thermometer). Thermometers are used in roadways in cold weather climates to help determine if icing conditions exist. Indoors,thermistorsare used in climate control systems such asair conditioners, freezers,heaters,refrigerators, andwater heaters.[39]Galileo thermometers are used to measure indoor air temperature, due to their limited measurement range.

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Thermometer Safety
Laboratory Thermometers
Read the directions
Types of Thermometers
Laboratory thermometers are devices used to measure temperature
Resistance thermometer
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