save water

Take shorter showers

Save Water

Tips on saving water at home and office. We're trying to cut our water use at Eden.
Take shorter showers

Take a timer, clock, or stopwatch into the bathroom with you and challenge yourself to cut down your showering time. Shave outside the shower, or turn off the shower while you shave. Take showers rather than baths. By taking a bath, you are using up to 100 liters of water. Showering will generally use less than a third of this amount. See the water use table below. Install a valve that fits just behind the shower head. These valves are inexpensive and simply screw into place. Turn the water on for long enough to get wet. Then, use the valve to turn the water off while preserving the temperature of the water while you soap up. Turn the water on again to rinse.

Dont wash the driveway or sidewalk with a hose
Get or create a dual flush toilet
Use waste water or gray water from the bath
Make sure to use your toilet appropriately
Check your plumbing for leaks
Do less laundry
Care for your lawn in a more water efficient manner
Plant appropriately
Time water usage
Take shorter showers
Use your garbage disposal sparingly
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