rules to play water skiing

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Pre ski

Rules to play Water Skiing

Pre ski

Before you leave the shore, consult with the skier and plan out your route. While a novice skier may be happy to do one big circle around the bay, a hard out slalom skier or bare footer will probably want you to keep the boat going straight as much as possible and in clam water.Check you are on a tank that has enough petrol for the ski. You also need to check the beach and the open water for any sign of obstacles, either floating or submerged. If I am about to tow a skier I dont know, then I like to understand their ability and requirements for things like starting and speed once up and planning.

Pre ski
Skier Signals
Slalom Course
Speed Limits
Where to Ski
The Keyhole Turn
The Skier
Skier in the Hole
Driver Observer
Towing Slalom Skiers
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