rules to play logrolling

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Anyone can roll

Rules to play Logrolling

Anyone can roll

The legendary culture of lumberjacks has enjoyed a revival in recent years with lumberjack competitions popping up all over. Crowds of people gather to compete in events like hotsaw, springboard chop, and axe throw, though log rolling arguably invokes the most hilarity. Anyone is eligible to compete in the various categories of Junior, Adult, Semi Pro, Elite, and Masters, as long as they abide by the rules set by two main governing bodies The United States Log Rolling Association and the Canadian Logger Sports Association, known as CANLOG. Plaid and facial hair may be optional but the proper equipment is not. The axe you grabbed from your neighbours tool shed eons ago might not cut it, but standardized axes, saws and competition logs are available for purchase and are a must for lumberjacks and lumberjills in training.

All in all, if youre looking for a way to stay cool this summer and walking or running on water sounds like an attractive venture, the boisterous undertaking of log rolling may be the water sport for you. Just get ready to go for a dip because, lets face it, newcomers will likely be spending more time in the water than atop it. Not ready to roll with it? Check out your community listings for events near you and watch this throwback sport make a splash.

Instant win prizes
On Land outside
Fundamental rules of log rolling
Can log
VIP Prizes and VIP Grand Prize
The transition
Proper body stance
The back step
Contest period
River dance
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