rules to play lacrosse

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Understand the rules associated with timing

Rules to play Lacrosse

Understand the rules associated with timing

There are three rules associated with timing, and they both involve promoting the ball past forward. After the goalie gains possession of the ball, he must pass or move it out of the crease within 4 seconds. Failure to do so results in a turnover to the other team. Once the defense gains control of the ball in their defending half, they have 20 seconds to pass or run the ball over midfield.Once theyve moved the ball past midfield, they have 10 seconds to get the ball into the attack area, which is clearly marked as a big box.

Hold the stick in the proper way
Understand the object of the game
Understand possession and offsides
Know the positions of lacrosse
Understand the rules associated with timing
Learn to read the field and know when to move off the ball
Manufactuers recommendations
Across the brow
Lacrosse positions
Nice and snug
Understand other unique rules of gameplay
Get your hands on a stick
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