rules to play foosball

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Resuming play after time out

Rules to play Foosball

Resuming play after time out

Following a time out, the ball shall be put back into play by the player who had possession when the time out was called. If the ball was in play when the time out was called, the player [B must have the assurance that the opposing team is ready before moving the ball. The player must then move the ball from one player figure to another one and then stop the ball for a full second before the motion of a shot or pass may begin. The time limit begins one second after the ball touches the second man. If the ball was not in play when the time out was called, the ball shall be put back into play with a serve by the team that originally served that ball. The penalty for illegally putting the ball back into play is the opponents choice of either continuing play from the current position or re serving the ball. This includes the case of a player losing the ball before touching two men.

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