precautions while using overhead projectors


Precautions while using Overhead Projectors

During most corporate meets, business owners hire projectors from reliable, take proper precautions

An overhead projector is a metal box with mirrors, lenses and a bright light. The bright light from a bulb reflects on the Fresnel lens inside the overhead. The light then bounces to a reflecting mirror under a stage where you set the overhead transparency. This image is in reverse form. A convex mirror then reflects an enlarged image with the proper orientation from the overhead transparency to a screen behind the speaker and the overhead.

Overheating of projectors might cause melting of different parts of the device
Expert Insight
Stand off to one side of the overhead projector while you face the audience
The Use of Overhead Projectors in Education
Possible Weaknesses
Bring a spare bulb
Overhead Transparencies
Cover the transparency when you are done using it
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