precautions while using bleaching

Fem gold bleach

Precautions while using Bleaching

Precautions while using Bleaching
Fem gold bleach
Fem Gold Bleach is a healthy way to get instant glow as there is no added ammonia. Fem is one of the oldest and most trusted brands in Fairness. It is very gentle and safe on skin and claims to make skin fairer. Unlike other bleaches it has a rejuvenating fragrance which makes the whole experience all the more pleasant. There are four variants available saffron, pearl, gold and turmeric. Lets have a look at the review.

How is bleach used
Test product first
Powdered bleach
Use brightening creams
Peroxide precautions
Try yogurt and turmeric
Apply the paste
Side effects of Bleaching
Know that bleach can burn and irritate the skin
Metal and bleach dont mix
Sun ray exposure
Oxy bleach
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