independence day

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Why do we celebrate Independence Day

Independence Day

Independence Day observed annually on 15 August, is a national holiday in India .
Why do we celebrate Independence Day

Everyone in India knows that India got freedom from the 300 years of British Rule at the stroke of midnight as India moved towards August 15, 1947. Many of us know even the stories of struggle for independence as well. There have been millions of lives that sacrificed for this freedom and many of them are not even known or remembered.The most important thing is that we remember and pay homage to these legends on this auspicious day. It is important for all Indian to think and pay respect to those who died for the country. There are virtually many reasons and ways of celebrating Independence Day. Varieties of contests, promotions and cultural programs are organized.

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Different types of celebrations on Independence Day
Why 1947
Why 15th Aug
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The Voice of Freedom from the archive
Why midnight
As the Freedom Dawns
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