how to use social networking sites for beginners

Open up your browser and type full url

How to Use Social Networking Sites for Beginners

Open up your browser and type full url

Look down you will see the words Sign Up , it is free and always will be. Under it will be where you need to start. You are asked for your email this can be any email you want it to be, where you will want updates and such sent to. Go ahead and re enter your email, just to verify this email account. You will need a password, create one which is not your emails password. Fill everything and click the green sign up button at the bottom.

News Feed Appears on your Home Page
Facebook Apps
New Facebook Account Set Up
How are people using Facebook
Open up your browser and type full url
The next page will bring three steps the first one is Find friends
Find and Connect with Friends on Facebook
News Feed Ticker Wall Profile Timeline
Facebook applications can be anything from virtual pets
Organize your Facebook Friends
How to Use fb
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