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Tips to get ready for Work

Work as a term in broad sense may refer and include any kind of activity.
Weekly Items

Some of my get ready tasks are done once a week! This really cuts time in the mornings:Ironing: I generally do any ironing for the week on Sundays. I pick out, generally what I want to wear that week and iron what needs to be ironed . I hang the outfits on hooks that I put up in my bedroom. The night before I just transfer one of those outfits from my bedroom hook to the one on the bathroom door. This may seem like a lot to do ahead of time, BUT, it makes getting dressed in the morning brainless and quick
Jewelry: Yes, I pick out my jewelry on a weekly basis. Sometimes I switch it up with a particular outfit. But, generally, what I pick out, I wear all week. I wear all silver jewelry or white gold, so everything matches. I have a little dish in my bathroom where I keep my jewelry of the week. So, when I get home from work and change into my comfy clothes, I just take of the days jewelry and lay it in the little dish for the next day. Easy-peasy! Lipgloss and Lipstick: While I love trying new colors and testing andreviewing new products , for general day-to-day looks I like to select a lip color and gloss that I can wear all week. I keep that in my purse and I apply in the morning either at a stoplight or at my desk in the morning. I also keep backups at work of lipstick and lipgloss. Those GWP items are great to keep in the desk drawer!

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Plan Ahead
Brush Your Hair
Get The Shower Going
Practice interview skills
Eat Something
Gather everything you need together
Get Dressed
Find transportation
Weekly Items
Brush Your Teeth After You Eat Breakfast
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