how to maintain good hygiene

Open you windows when you can

How to Maintain Good Hygiene

Proper hygiene is one of the keys to a healthy lifestyle.
Open you windows when you can

Circulating fresh air around your house is good for your lungs and prevents bacteria from building up in the air. If you cant open your windows for long periods of time, like during the winter, use an aerosol spray with disinfectant if the house smell stale or moldy.

Wash and disinfect your home surfaces regularly
Germs and Bacteria
Have hygienic periods by changing tampons and wearing clean underwear
Floss at least once a day
Wash your bedding every few weeks
Oral Hygiene
Health Reasons
Always wear clean clothes and underwear
Menstrual Hygiene
Keep your hands and nails clean
Keep food preparation areas clean and organized
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