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Home Makeover Ideas

Lighten Up with White
Mix Mod and Traditional
Visually Divide a Great Room
Mix Your Styles
Layer Neutrals for a Relaxed Look
Modernize the Classics
Get the Gallery Look
Accessorize with Historic Elements
Invest in Antiques
Create Open Space
Blend Elegance and Comfort
Use Unexpected Materials
Mix and Match Patterns
Use Modern Classics
Create a Faux Fireplace
Let the Light In
Decorate Naturally
Pick a Favorite Time Period
Let In Lots of Natural Light
Combine Collectables
Know When To Save or Splurge
Bring the Outdoors In
Embrace Bold Prints
Look for Inspiration in Unexpected Places
Look for Unused Spaces
Add Interest with Decorative Trim
Play with Scale
Decorate with Cottage Style
Hold onto Inspiring Samples
Get Hands On with Casual Finishes
Decorate with Memories
Accent with Red
Design for Real Life Use
Get Patriotic
Fake a Tall Ceiling
Get Inspired by a Favorite Textile
Create a Keeping Room
Display Your Collection to Advantage
Create a Conversation Corner
Love the Lodge Look
Slipcover in Style
Choose a Sunny Palette
Buy the Whole Bolt
Achieve Balance
Layer Rugs
Add Architectural Interest
Create a Cozy Spot for Reading
Mix Lights and Darks
Open Up Your Living Space
Mix Don t Match
White Wash the Walls
Play Up Your Favorite Color but Keep the Base Neutral
Spruce Up Your Space With Curtains
Upgrade Your Doors and Windows
Flip Your Color Scheme
Accessorize with Local Pieces
Pick Furniture That Will Work in Multiple Spaces
Get Inspired by Art
Mix Modern and Traditional
Build In Your Entertainment Area
Retrofit Your Lighting
Create the Illusion of Taller Ceilings
Use Durable Upholstery Fabric
Mix Patterns the Smart Way
Use Animal Print Rugs
Showcase Antiques
Use Flexible Furniture in a Great Room
Create a Grown Up Space
Curate a Rotating Mantle Display
Choose Furniture that Fits the Scale of Your Room
Give Your Living Room a Sense of Place
Make Room for Family
Find Meaningful Local Art
Use Picture Molding
Plan Ahead for Artwork
Embrace Ideas from the Past
Get Creative with Your Ceiling
Splash on the Color
Try Natural Textures
Create Display Cubbies
Mix and Match Your Wood Tones
Surround Your Fireplace with Built Ins
Add Privacy without Losing Light
Salvage Original Materials
Maximize Space with Dual Purpose Built Ins
Incorporate Personal Touches
Add Occasional Tables
Create a Statement with Art
Make Large Rooms Cozy with Multiple Seating Areas
Mix Instead of Match Fabrics
Use Bold Accessories
Add a Sense of History
Mix Up the Seating
Use a Mix of Hues
Inviting Family Room Design
Give a Small Room Big Style
Choose a Statement Sofa for a Large Room
Use a Range of Textiles
Balance Rustic Elements
Pull Out a Bold Accent Color
Layer Patterns and Bold Prints
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