tips to success in driving test

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Parking manoeuvres

Tips to success in Driving Test

Here are some hints and tips from other learner drivers about how they Driving Test Success.
Parking manoeuvres

One word practise! They all get easier with practice. Practise in different locations dont always reverse park in the same street and on the big day dont over think the manoeuvres.Read the Guide to the Driving Test to familiarise yourself with all the different manoeuvres required.
Remember they are a small part of the overall driving test. For some reason people place major importance on the reverse park and there seems to be a perception that if they dont get it right then theyve failed the test especially if they bump the kerb. But unless its significant enough to be a fail item, then it is usually just a negative tick on the score sheet.

Right turns
Crossing the road
Paper work
The Start of the Test
Set Yourself up for Success
Leave plenty of time
Take a mock test
Get good nights sleep
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