tips to success in driving test

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At traffic lights

Tips to success in Driving Test

Here are some hints and tips from other learner drivers about how they Driving Test Success.
At traffic lights

There may be special signals for pedestrians. You should only start to cross the road when the green figure shows. If you have started to cross the road and the green figure goes out, you should still have time to reach the other side, but do not delay. If no pedestrian signals have been provided, watch carefully and do not cross until the traffic lights are red and the traffic has stopped. Keep looking and check for traffic that may be turning the corner. Remember that traffic lights may let traffic move in some lanes while traffic in other lanes has stopped.

Independent Driving
Parking manoeuvres
Keep Calm
During the drive test
Inner Commentary
Take Your Time
Stop signs
Leave plenty of time
Choose the Right Car
Provisional Driving Licence
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