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Healthy Brow

1. Nutritious Foods
Nutritious and healthy foods are an excellent solution to re grow hair and eyebrows. Try to incorporate healthy proteins in your food along with all essential vitamins and minerals (like zinc, iron, copper and calcium). Some healthy nutritious foods that are helpful in increasing the growth of eyebrows are Nuts or fruits containing Omega 3 fatty acids that include avocadoes, walnuts and olive oil.Fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin A like sweet potatoes, carrots and mangos. Iron containing foods like thin and lean cut of meat, salmon, and other types of fish.Green leafy vegetables supply folate that helps in growth and rejuvenation of cells like spinach and kale.
2. Castor Oil
In addition to healthy and nutritious foods, certain extra nutrients can further boost the health and growth of eyebrows. Castor oil is one of the oldest remedies to boost the growth of eyebrows. Heres how to use castor oil for maximal benefits Apply castor oil on a cotton bud and apply gently on your eyebrows. You can also massage lightly for 3 minutes.Let it stay for 30 minutes to one hour and wash with a quality cleanser and face wash.Make sure to apply at least once every day and discontinue application if you develop any irritation or burning.
3. Coco Lemon
The mixture of coconut oil and lemon peel is another known remedy that is helpful in growth and nourishment of eyebrows. Take a glass vessel and add ? cup of coconut oil and sliced peels of 1 lemon. Let the solution stay for at least fortnight in a cool and dry place.Once the solution is ready, use cotton ball to apply it every night before bedtime and wash your face the next morning. This is indeed one of the most safest and effective solution for the growth of eyebrows; however, try to minimize your contact with intense sun to avoid irritation.
4. Lemon Juice Lime Juice Tea Tree Oil and Coconut Oil
You may find hundreds of products online and in stores that assures speedy growth of eyebrows but why pay hefty price if you can prepare your own tonic. Heres a simple tonic for the spectacular growth and strength of your eyebrow hair. Take a small bottle or jar with a lid and combine these ingredients in respective proportions lime juice (1/2 tsp), tea tree oil (1 tsp), lemon juice (1 tsp), and coconut oil (4 tbsp).Shake the jar/ bottle well and apply on your eyebrows with the help of a cotton ball. Wash your face after 30 minutes.
5. Lime Rosemary and Sesame
In order to stimulate the growth of your natural brows, you can always make a mixture of lemon juice (1 teaspoon), sesame oil (4 teaspoon) and rosemary (1/2 teaspoon).Apply the mixture on your eyebrows with the help of cotton ball and let it dry completely. It is one of the safest remedies and can be used twice daily. Make sure to wash your face with a gentle face wash before applying your daily moisturizer.
6. Aloe Vera
Application of aloe vera juice on eyebrows helps in stimulating growth and promoting healing. It also adds shine to your face and fore head. Make sure to use freshly crushed aloe vera leaves for best results.
7. Onions
Onions are high in sulphur content that is an essential ingredient for the growth of eyebrows. Crush a small onion and apply the juice on the eyebrows with the help of a cotton ball. Make sure to avoid washing your face for at least a few hours.
8. Fill Them in With Powder or Pencil
Use a brow shadow (like eye shadow, but for your brows) to fill in brows for a natural, soft look, says Shten. Using an angled brush, apply the shadow on and right around your brows, without straying too far from your natural hair line. If you have any bigger spots that need filling in like around a scar use an eyebrow pencil instead. Apply in thin, light strokes in the same direction your hair grows, almost like youre drawing in the hair, says Shten.
9. Find the Right Shade
Whether youre using a shadow or pencil, youll obviously want to pick a color as close to your natural eyebrows as possible (which isnt necessarily the same as the hair on your head). But if you cant find the right match, use a shade lighter, says Shten. This will look more natural than a too dark hue.
10. Step Away From the Tweezers
It happens all the time: You go in to just clean things up a bit, but end up going a little (OK, a lot) overboard. Unfortunately, it can take eyebrows anywhere from six to eight weeks to grow out, says Shten so you should try to abstain from tweezing if youre going for a fuller look. Refrain from using hair dyes on your lashes, too they can damage the hair even more.

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