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Gym guide Ideas

Just five minutes in the outdoor gym every day can lead to improvements in mood and self esteem, as
61. Don t train too heavy for too long
Yes, training with a heavy weight that prevents you from getting more than 4 5 reps is good for strength and overall mass when done in conjunction with lighter training that allows you to get 8 12 reps. Yet too much heavy training may work against muscle growth. Baylor University Waco, Texas scientists found that when athletes trained using their 6RMs, they had higher levels of active myostatin a protein that limits muscle growth than when they did the same workout using their 18RMs. Keep to your heavy rep ranges for no longer than 6 8 weeks, then switch to a lighter weight, higher rep scheme to keep your myostatin levels in check.
62. Stay off the exercise balls
Canadian scientists reported that doing dumbbell chest presses on an exercise ball resulted in a 40% decrease in strength compared to doing the exercise on a bench. And a study from Appalachian State University Boone, North Carolina found that when athletes performed squats on instability discs, they had less force production and muscle activity of the quadriceps compared to when they did squats on firm ground. Since any marked increase in strength or muscle mass is going to come through moving progressively heavier weights on key lifts, you might want to avoid exercise balls and instability boards. Plant yourself for better gains.
63. Save cardio for after your weight workout
Researchers from Japan found that when subjects did cardio before weights, their GH response to the weight workout was blunted by about 1,100% compared to when they lifted first and ended with cardio. Try to do your cardio either after weights or on a different day.
64. Use wrist straps for your pulling exercises
A study conducted at the Weider Research Group found that when trained bodybuilders performed a back workout while using wrist straps, they completed an average of 1 2 more reps per set for all sets of all exercises in the routine.
65. Drink a shake with 20 grams
Researchers from Baylor University Waco, Texas reported that subjects taking a whey plus casein protein powder immediately postworkout for 10 weeks increased muscle mass significantly more than those taking whey without casein.
66. Stretch only after training
Stretching right before weightlifting can actually make you weaker during training. Researchers from the University of Texas Austin reported that athletes who stretched after their workouts were more flexible than when they stretched beforehand. Plus, it s easier as well as safer to stretch a muscle that s already warm and pliable.
67. Take 3 5 grams of creatine with 50 100 grams
A study from the University of Saskatchewan Canada found that subjects who took ALA, creatine and sucrose right after a workout increased muscle creatine levels significantly more than those taking creatine and sucrose or creatine only.
68. Don t drop dietary cholesterol too low
We know cholesterol is important for maintaining testosterone levels, but Kent State University Ohio scientists reported at the 2005 Experimental Biology Conference that older adults eating a diet higher in cholesterol while weight training for 12 weeks gained 55% more strength and had more than five times the muscle growth as those following a diet lower in cholesterol. Keep some cholesterol in your diet by eating at least 1 2 egg yolks with your egg whites at breakfast and at least one meal of lean red meat each day. Liver, shellfish and duck are other good sources of healthy cholesterol.
69. If your schedule allows lift in the evening
Researchers from the University of Southern Mississippi Hattiesburg discovered that when subjects worked out after 6 p.m. for 10 weeks, they gained more muscle and lost more bodyfat than a group that trained before 10 a.m.
70. Relax in a sauna or hot tub every day
Japanese researchers reported that rats exposed to a heat chamber set at 105 degrees F for two weeks increased muscle mass by 13% compared to those that weren t exposed to the heat. They concluded the results are likely due to the effect of heat shock proteins specific proteins in the body that get released when exposed to heat on cellular mechanisms of muscle growth.

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