gym guide ideas

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Gym guide Ideas

Just five minutes in the outdoor gym every day can lead to improvements in mood and self esteem, as
21. Captains chair
Any good gym should have at least two of these. A captains chair will have a pull up bar, dip bars, and back & arm padding the chair part for leg raises. Here is a picture of how to use the captains chair for leg raises.
22. Pull up dip station
These are less common in gyms, as there are usually multiple other pieces of equipment with pull up and dip bars attached. However, if you see an object like this, it is for pull ups and dips.
23. Ideal for
Men & women with a beginner to intermediate level of fitness, looking to build overall strength that will improve their quality of life through increased functional fitness & strength capability.
24. Not ideal for
Men & women looking for a weight loss plan, or bodybuilding.
25. Equipment
One barbell, and additional weight plates.
26. Hire a personal trainer
Even if it is short term, a personal trainer can help you become familiar with how to use the equipment or provide direction in creating a workout routine. Many gyms have trainers on staff. Not only is it helpful to have that guidance, but sometimes just having someone there can relieve some of the negative feelings or thoughts. This brings me to my next suggestion.
27. Bring a buddy
Having someone there while exploring and becoming more familiar with the gym may be all the support and motivation you need to get through the first few days. Many gyms will give you passes to share with friends or family. Use that as an opportunity to invite someone as you begin to adjust to your schedule or routine and become familiar with the gym.
28. Find the right gym for you
Some women are intimidated going to a unisex gym and would feel more comfortable exercising in a gym with other women. Maybe you prefer a smaller gym because the bigger gyms overwhelm you. Or you might want variety in your exercise routine and enjoy what bigger gyms offer. If your work hours allow you to only exercise early in the morning or late at night, then a 24 hour gym may be right for you. You may also be interested in a community center where you can bring your family like a YMCA that offers a pool and a variety of activities. These are a few things to think about when searching for a gym that fits your needs. So before you sign up for a gym think about your lifestyle and what motivates you.
29. Exercise dvds
These you can rent from your library, video store, download it or take advantage of your on demand options at home. The types of exercise DVDs can range from strength training to yoga. You can even read reviews online to help you in your purchasing decision.
30. Personal trainer at home
Having a personal trainer allows you to have someone there to guide and motivate you.

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