gym guide ideas

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Gym guide Ideas

Just five minutes in the outdoor gym every day can lead to improvements in mood and self esteem, as
31. Fitness center
Are you unfamiliar with the equipment or where to begin? Its important to know that everyone at one point is new to exercise, nor is there any reason to be embarrassed about being overweight. If thats you here are some suggestions that may help.
32. Use those clips
Nothing gets my mom heart racing more than seeing these young kids put up more weight than they should be lifting on the bench press without using clips clampscollars, they have a number of names. If you lose your balance, even temporarily, a plate could come crashing off. As a result, now your entire bar is uneven and you will likely start dropping plates off the other side as well. Its a terrible domino effect, and incredibly dangerous.
33. Rerack your weights
If you take dumbbells off of the rack, please put them back where you found them. where you found them, in other words, dont put the 10 lb dumbbells in the 25 lb dumbbell slot on the rack. *note if you found them on the floor because someone else was too lazy to put them away, then dont put them back exactly where you found them, put them back where they belong. You know, common sense and stuff. If you use a machine, bench, or bar that requires weight plates, please remove them when you are done. This is required for two reasons. One, it keeps the place neat and clean. But more importantly is reason number two not everyone can lift as much weight as you can. Leaving hundreds of pounds of weights on a machine may prohibit the next person from being able to use the machine because they simply cant take all of that weight off on their own. So please, when you are done, leave the bar empty.
34. Wipe down the machine after you use it
Im a mother with a science degree. In other words, Ive cleaned up explosive poop, projectile vomit, and Ive dissected things such as sheep eyes and sharks with rotting herring in their guts. Not much grosses me out. But sitting down on the leg press only to nearly slip right out of it because of the previous users butt sweat is disgusting. Further, gyms are similar to airports and daycare centers there are germs everywhere and you touch EVERYTHING. So do your fellow members a favor, and wipe down machines you use when you are done using them. It doesnt have to be a full scrub, but a quick wipe with the likely provided towels and sanitizing spray on the machine seat *and* handlebars should be sufficient. Basically, if your body touched it, wipe down that part.
35. Put back what you use
Brought the ab roller into the stretching room? Awesome! Put it back where you found it when you are done. Brought a stretching mat over to the free weight section so you could super set some situps between your squats? Thats great! Please put the mat back when you are done. Stack of magazines accompanied you to the treadmill? Please make sure they find their way back to the magazine rack when you are done.
36. Share the equipment
Everyone is entitled to use all of the equipment at the gym. Dont ever, ever, EVER let a regular grumble that you are using their machine. Its not theirs, its everyones. But that said, no one, beginners or regulars alike, should be monopolizing a piece of equipment.
37. Cardio equipment
follow the rules posted. Many gyms will set a 20 30 minute time limit on machines WHEN the club is busy. Please keep this in mind. When you reach that time limit, if people are waiting, move to another piece of equipment and offer yours to someone who has been waiting often there will be a sign up sheet. If no one is waiting, then you can continue using the machine.
38. Take appropriate rest breaks
Thirty seconds to a minute or two of rest between sets on a machine is standard. Sitting on your smartphone checking facebook messages for five minutes between sets on a machine is not see cell phones section below. The same goes for carrying on a conversation with friends or other gym patrons. Please be aware at all times that other people might be waiting to use the machine or bench you are on, do not unnecessarily waste time.
39. Taking extra long breaks
Working in means another person will share the machine with you, and you will alternate sets. For example, you do your set of 10 reps on chest press, and when you are resting, a friend or fellow gym member will do their set, and vice versa. This works extremely well as a time saver when working out with a friend, or just as friendly gym etiquette with a stranger during busy gym hours. Working in is typically done on a machine that uses pins, versus a bar that takes weighted plates, as it is far easier and faster to change the weight between users with a pin loaded machine.
40. Super set courteously
Super setting means instead of a rest break between sets of exercises, you simply alternate exercises. For example, someone may do one set of preacher curls immediately followed by a set of tricep push downs, and repeat for however many number of sets their routine calls for. This is indeed a time saving technique and also works really well at fatiguing the body our ultimate goal. The problem with super setting as far as gym etiquette goes is that you are now essentially occupying two pieces of equipment at once.

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