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Standing Raised Leg Hip Adductor Stretch

Fitness Stretching

Standing Raised Leg Hip Adductor Stretch

Hip Stretches:

Stand upright with weight balanced on the left leg. Place the right leg on a table, bench, or object that is about even with the height of the hips. While keeping the right knee straight, rotate the body sideways so that the trunk and the left leg face 90 degrees away from the raised right leg (allow the right leg to rotate so that the right knee points to the side). Point the left knee and toes forward (directly in front of the hips). Bend the left knee slightly, but keep the right knee straight. Hang both arms down in front of the left leg with the palms close to the floor. Alternatively, place the left hand over the left knee and the right hand on the lateral (outer) side of the right knee (as illustrated). Bend the trunk slightly forward toward the left knee.

Affected Body Part:
Most-stretched muscles: Right gracilis, right adductor magnus, right adductor brevis, right adductor longus, right middle sartorius.
Lesser-stretched muscles: Right medial gastrocnemius, right soleus.

Make sure to keep the right knee straight. The alternative hand placement allows for greater stretch especially if you apply pressure with the right hand on the right knee. The stretch is also increased with an increased bend of the left knee.

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