famous markets of india

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Ima market Imphal

Famous Markets Of India

Chandni Chowk originally meaning "moonlight square" or "moonlight market", is one of the oldest and
Ima market Imphal

Ima kentheil, as it is locally known, is the only market in the world wherein youll find over 3500 women shopkeepers running their business and signifying the economic participation of Manipuri women. Also known as Mothers Market in Manipuri, Ima means mother and kentheil means market , it is a huge marketplace where you can find almost everything. In one section of the market you can get their authentic food items like dried fish to local herbs to clothes and woolens, and traditional costumes, while the other section of the market offers handloom products of the state. There is no clear record of the origin of the market, though researchers have found that the Gazetteer of Manipur in 1786 indicated that all the marketing of the area was conducted by women in open air and markets were mostly held in morning time.

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