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What Subjects Require Practice And Why

Exam Tips

tips for the day of your exam to boost your exam performance.
What Subjects Require Practice And Why

Theres this thing that students who get good grades do throughout the year. To some students it comes naturally, while others have to work at it.
Its the thing that separates the teens who get fantastic grades, and the ones who get less fantastic grades. Its this little thing called PRACTICE. Theres no getting around this one Im afraid. To get good grades in Math, your teen HAS to do practice problems. To get good grades in English, your teen HAS to write practice essays. This goes for any subject that has essay exam requirements.

Why is this so important
When you have little things to look forward to it makes the task much easier to tackle
To get good grades your teen needs to employ strategy
What is your teen good at
The Inside Scoop On Writing A Grade Essays
We found it really helpful to go over our Cheat Sheet just before our exams too
The trouble spot
So how can we fix this
Question and answers
Top Tips For Avoiding Exam Stress
3 Simple Tips For Improving Your Teens Memory
Our goal simply needs to be to get them to procrastinate less
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