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So how can we fix this

Exam Tips

tips for the day of your exam to boost your exam performance.
So how can we fix this

Were going to take the task that feels like Mt Everest, and give it a make over so it now feels like a brisk walk. Not a walk in the park. Any productive study session requires some effort. Heres what your teen needs to do.Instead of thinking they have the daunting task of revising 10 weeks of class notes yuck , your teen needs to set themselves just one meaningful task. Only one.

This could be:
Making their own diagram of cellular respiration
Drawing a force diagram for physics
Solving 10 quadratic equations
Making an essay plan for the novel theyre reading in English
Reading the instructions for an assignment theyve just been given
Attempting a past exam to test where theyre at
Making some flash cards for one of their subjects
Whatever your teen can think would be a useful task to complete

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