dance styles

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Belly Dancing

Dance Styles

Dance is a wonderful form of expression, combining the body, mind, and spirit.
Belly Dancing

Belly dancing is based on one of the oldest social dances in world history, originating in North Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Belly dancing is both a beautiful form of dance and a great way to exercise. It'll help you stay in shape and allow you to express your personal creativity. Belly dancing is enjoyed by many people all over the world. Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of belly dancing is the isolated movements performed by the abdomen. These belly movements may be circular, rolling, angular or vibrating.

B Boying
The Noh Mai Dance
Jazz Dance
The Lyrical Dance
The Stroll Dance
The Salsa
Ballet Dance
The Quickstep Dance
The Bharathanatyam
Samba Dance
Flanenco Dance
Modern Dance
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