celebrities who swear by yoga

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Woody Harrelson

Celebrities Who Swear By Yoga

Celebrities Who Swear By Yoga. Besides Sting. Namaste in shape, everybody.
Woody Harrelson

Wood Harrelson is a huge man. But do not mistake huge as big, fat and burly with lots of bulges. Just look at the picture of Harrelson here he has such a broad chest and powerful arms. And as for bulges, those seem to have simply no presence on Harrelsons fit physique. If you think that this must be the result of some intense and regular work out sessions at some hifi gym, then know that your thinking is absolutely wrong. Harrelson owes his great muscular physique to yoga the ancient form of exercise. Going by Harrelsons body, yoga does seem to be miraculous in producing great fitness results.

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