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Make sure you get paid

Business Success Tips

Running a small business that reaches success can at times be difficult, but not impossible.
Make sure you get paid

What good is being your own boss if you dont get paid for your work? Wherever possible, collect 10 (percent), 15 (percent) or 25 percent of your fee upfront, says Bostrom. Your clients reaction to that request will tell you a lot about whether theyre capable of paying you.Always use contracts, recommends Alan Siege, president and CEO of Small Business Management Consulting in Brooklyn, N.Y. Specify clearly what the deliverables are and what and when people will pay you and make people acknowledge it. By having a contract, youre saying that you play for real and that youre someone whose business people need to take seriously.

Analyze Your Competition
Have a plan
Pay taxes if you must
Get a coach
Set aside self employment taxes
Prepare to Make Sacrifices
Give your website a makeover
Focus on sales and marketing manically
Understand the Risks and Rewards
Keep Detailed Records
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