business success tips

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Business Success Tips

Running a small business that reaches success can at times be difficult, but not impossible.
Have a plan
Take action
Give your website a makeover
Take charge of your finances
Plan ahead for financing
Start socializing
Assess your HR needs
Upgrade your equipment
Celebrate success
Get Organized
Keep Detailed Records
Analyze Your Competition
Understand the Risks and Rewards
Be Creative
Stay Focused
Prepare to Make Sacrifices
Provide Great Service
Be Consistent
Pay taxes if you must
Create the right legal structure
Set aside self employment taxes
Think hard about whether insurance is necessary
Make sure you get paid
Offer what people want to buy
Get cash flowing ASAP
Always find new ways to keep costs low
Focus on sales and marketing manically
Find ways to exponentially increase profits
Test and measure everything
Accept that learning more equals earning more
Dont discount add value
Get a coach
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