benefits of tamarind

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Habitat and cultivation

Benefits of Tamarind

Habitat and cultivation

The tamarind tree is considered to be one of the earliest cultivated plants of unknown or obscure taxonomic origin. Many are of the opinion that the tamarind tree is native to tropical Africa from where the plant spread to other temperate regions of the globe. The tamarind tree is primarily cultivated for its fruit pulp and also its value as an ornamental tree. While the pulp is edible and has numerous remedial properties, the tree itself is magnificent and is grown in public parks, vast landscapes as well as along the avenues for adorning these locales.

Controlling blood pressure
Prevent anemia
Controlling cholesterol levels
Pests and Diseases
Usual dosage
Tamarind Seeds and Dry Eyes
Hydrating toner
Keeping Quality
Tamarind Nutrition Facts
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