benefits of pumpkins

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Benefits of Pumpkins

41. andAids Digestionand Cures Constipation
Pumpkin juice is beneficial for the digestive system and is helpful in curing both constipation and loose motions due to its laxative action. Pumpkin can be used in variety of delicious recipes either baked, stew fried; however, it is eaten best after steam cooking in order to get maximum nutrients. In China, young tender, pumpkin leaves are consumed as cooked greens or in soups.
42. Aids Proper Functioning of Kidneyand Urinary System
This juice is effective in curing ulcers and acidity. It enables proper functioning of kidney and urinary system. In the Indian subcontinent where it is popular as kaddu or sitaphal , it is used in the preparation of sabzee , sweet dishes (halwa), desserts, soups, curries,...etc.
43. Good Sedative Benefits
Due to its sedative properties, pumpkin juice is effective in curing insomnia. Insomnia patients are advised to drink a glass of pumpkin juice with honey. Generally, a pumpkin weighs around 4 8 kg (9 18 lbs). However, with the Cucurbita maxima (the largest pumpkins species) its weight can reach up to 34 kg (75lbs).
44. Lowers High Blood Pressure Risksand Reduces Cholesterol
It minimizes the risk of high blood pressure. It contains pectin which helps in reducing cholesterol. Another very interesting fact is that pumpkins are monoecious plants, this means they have both sexes (male and female flowers) on one plant. The female flower can be easily identified with having a small
45. Excellent Cooling Agent
A mixture of pumpkin juice and honey is an excellent cooling agent and thus can be effective in lowering the body temperature. Pumpkin is mostly used to make soups or pie. Not many people know that it can be juiced and drunk in its raw form, let alone daring to try it. But it has all its nutrients and enzymes undisturbed in its raw form. Here
46. Relieves Morning Sickness
Pumpkin juice is effective in providing relief from morning sickness in pregnant women. Pumpkin has a pretty much long life if it is stored properly in the refrigerator. Wrap it carefully with newspaper to retain the moisture. pumpkin juice is a juice extracted from raw pumpkins. This juice gained immense popularity among the children when it was shown as part of the wizard world in the Harry Potter series. Pumpkin juice has several health benefits due to which it can be used as a healthy substitute for carbonated drinks.
47. andHeals Viral Hepatitis Aand Reactivates Liver Function
Those suffering from viral hepatitis A can benefit from drinking pumpkin juice as part of their regular diet. The biologically active substances present in it help in reactivating liver functions. Some people may be allergic to pumpkin seeds. Try a little to see if there is any reaction to your body, especially if you
48. Boosts Immunity
Vitamin C and other minerals present in the juice act as immunity boosters and thus protect the body from various diseases. pumpkin has a high content of vitamin D as well as minerals like copper, iron and phosphorus. Juicing is a suitable way to obtain these nutritional benefits of pumpkin. This juice is highly regarded by vegetarians because of its delicious taste and versatility of use. Besides consumption, it is also used as an active ingredient in many sweets and pharmaceutical preparations.
49. Maintains Healthyand Beautiful Skin
As pointed out earlier, fresh pumpkin juice is a great source of vitamin C, vitamin E and beta carotene which help in maintaining a healthy and beautiful skin. The benefits of pumpkin juice are numerous. Just like the vegetable itself, pumpkin juice contains vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, E and beta carotene; minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iron, sucrose and organic matter.
50. Effective in Healing Burns Bitesand Inflammation
Being a cooling agent, it is effective in the treatment of burns, abscess and inflammation and also provides relief in case of insect bites. The high quantity of anti oxidants in the form of vitamins A, C and E and zinc makes it an excellent healing agent. Regular consumption of pumpkin juice is the best way to obtain the healing properties.

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