benefits of carrots

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Gather pulp in the refrigerator

Benefits of Carrots

Gather pulp in the refrigerator

Gather pulp in the refrigerator until there is plenty then dry it out. You have dried carrot pulp flakes. This keeps indefinitely. Sprinkle it on or in just about anything including on top of salad as sprinkles. It also works well in whole grain quick breads such as muffins, pancakes, etc. Depending on what you plan to put it in, if you need moisture added, use the moist pulp either fresh or frozen. If you want it dry, as on salad, use the dehydrated.

Skin problems
Muscle Growth
Regulate Blood Sugar
Thread worms
Increases Metabolism
Source of Calcium
Beautiful Skin
Treatment of Skin Ailments
Reduces Cholesterol
Controls Sun Damage
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