benefits of almonds

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Benefits of Almonds

51. Relives Pain and Stress of Muscles
Almond oil has analgesic properties that helps relieve pain and stress from strained muscles. A few tablespoons of heated almond oil, when massaged in to the affected area gives instant relief from joint paints.
52. Healthy and Strong Nails
To get healthy and strong nails, massage them with a few drops of almond oil.
53. Provides increased Immunity
In several cultures almond milk is consumed for increased immunity. Selenium present in this milk is excellent for good immune system function.
54. excellent cardiovascular health
Almond milk is known to minimize risk of heart disease and has several cardiovascular-related?health benefits.
55. Super drink for diabetics
Almond milk is an essential drink for diabetics. Milk of almonds does not have sugar naturally.
56. Healthy for the eyes
A person that consumes almond milk minimizes the risk of?eye problems. Milk of almond is excellent for the eyes. Small levels of Vitamin A present in almond milk assist in healthy functioning of eyes.?
57. Post workout beverage
Almond milk contains a low amount of protein, however it does contain riboflavin (B vitamin) and other nutrients such as iron and phosphorous that is needed for muscle regulation.
58. Facial Moisturizer
Almond oil can be used for rough, flaky or dry skin as a daily moisturizer. After a thorough cleansing, apply one or two drops of almond oil on each side of your skin. Wet your clean hands with warm water and massage the oil on your face in upward strokes.
59. Eye Cream Miracle
Almond oils anti aging properties include, preventing and moisturizing those pesky fine lines and crows feet, as well as reducing dark circles and puffy eyes ? my favorite feature. Apply one or two drops of almond oil around your eyes.
60. Stretch Marks Therapy
When massaging with almond oil, blood circulation is promoted, preventing stretch marks. Pour a small amount of oil into your hands and rub them together to warm the oil.

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