benefits of almonds

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Benefits of Almonds

21. Anti ageing properties
It is a much proven fact that almonds have anti-ageing properties in them. Massaging pure almond oil on the entire face, especially under the eyes, helps in delaying wrinkles. A regular application of it also lightens dark spots and under eye dark circles, thereby giving you a beautiful and even skin tone.
22. Clear your bowels
The way our skin looks and feels is directly related to how well our digestive system functions. A weak digestive system can lead to constipation, which in turn would cause pimples and acne. Eating almonds on a regular basis helps to increase the levels of gut bacteria in your stomach. And, it is these gut bacteria which are responsible for a healthy digestion, thus giving you a clear and healthy skin.
23. Heart friendly nuts
almonds protect your heart. The fibre in almonds blocks the bodys ability to absorb fat. Also, these nuts are a very rich source of vitamin E, monounsaturated fat, magnesium, and antioxidants that increase blood flow. Moreover, their cholesterollowering effect helps in maintaining a healthy heart.
24. Memory and energy booster
Almonds help in boosting the power and capacity of your brain. All the essential nutrients that they contain boost your?memory, and also reduce the risk of Alzheimer?s disease (loss of memory in old age).?They have riboflavin and magnesium, which are great energy boosters that allow you to stay fresh the entire day. Not to forget, almonds increase your productivity at the workplace as well.?
25. Get rid of that flab
Almonds can also help you shed kilos. These nuts have a variety of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, which are needed to curb your cravings for carbohydrates. And, it is these cravings, which lead to weight gain. So, having them is a good idea if you want to get rid of that extra flab.
26. Cleanse and Eliminate Toxins in Your Body
Almonds contain beneficial antioxidants which will actively cleanse and eliminate toxins and free radicals in your body. If you want to cleanse your skin pollutions, you can eat this nut frequently.
27. Reduces Wrinkles and Fine Lines in Your Face
you can use almonds to?reduce?wrinklesand fine lines in your face. It can be done by massaging your face regularly with almonds oil. When you apply regular massage with this oil, you will have remarkable glowing and radiant complexion that will make you look younger than your age.
28. Blackheads and Whiteheads
One of almonds skin benefits will be useful for most acne sufferers because almonds can reduce the appearance of acne, along with blackheads and whiteheads.
29. Digestive Process
We know that digestive system is important for our skin health. Smooth digestive system will immediately cleanse the toxins from our body.
30. Almond oil for skin
Almond oil is a popular essential oil commonly used in aromatherapy and is suitable for most skin types. It is also commonly used in many baby skin care range of products also.

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