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BMW Individual 760Li Sterling Robbe and Berking Edition

Amazing Cars

BMW Individual 760Li Sterling Robbe and Berking Edition

If your BMW 7 Series just isn t decadent enough, fear not, because BMW heard your cries. Thus, this special addition Bimmer was born, which is almost as long as its name. BMW partnered up with the Robbe & Berking silversmiths of Flensburg, Germany and decked out its flagship in not surprisingly actual sterling silver. The trademark kidney grill? Silver. Badging, sill plates, and exhaust outlets? Silver. Further, the inside has been played with as well, with handmade silver trim, embroidered headrests, and more. Pricing information is hard to come by, but seeing as a single spoon from Robbe & Berking goes for around $320, it s probably a considerable chunk of change.

BMW Individual 760Li Sterling Robbe and Berking Edition
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