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Wrist wears

Accessories for Girls

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Wrist wears

With so many bollywood songs describing the wrists of the actresses and their wrist wears, do not think need to list those dangling bangles, bright bracelets and the wrist watches.Though glass bangles might be becoming obsolete, you may see the metallic ones still in trend.Bangles are both traditional as well as trendy, and guess India is the birth place of this accessory.Bracelets are evergreen, though the designs might have changed over time.They come in a variety of designs, shapes and are made of different materials.Apart from ornamental purpose, different bracelets have different purposes.You can see everyone wearing friendship bracelets during the friendship week.People also wear bracelets to show support for some cause.Some bracelets also claim to have positive effects on the physical and mental health of a person.Even watches for women sometimes look more like elegant bracelets and do more than just helping you keep up with time, they help keep you up with style, too.

Wrist wears
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