rules to play surfing

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Picking Your Team

Rules to play Surfing

Picking Your Team

Each team owner can draft up to eight surfers, without exceeding their $50,000,000 salary cap. Before each event, surfers values may increase or decrease, but the cost against your salary cap is the cost when you purchased your surfer. Surfer values can change throughout the 2014 World Tour season. If you trade out a surfer, you must buy him back at the current rate, which may be different than the price you originally bought that surfer at. (For Womens Fantasy Surfer, teams are made up of five surfers with a $30,000,000 salary cap. All other rules are the same.)

Breaking Ties
Warm up
General Conditions
Legal Disclaimers
Winners Information
Making Trades
Comfort Zone
The REVERT Button
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