rules to play shuffleboard

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players or teams

Rules to play Shuffleboard

players or teams

Have the players or teams alternate sliding their disks across the court until all disks are cast. Starting with the player playing yellow, players place their disks in the 10 off section of the scoring area on their end of the court on their turn and shoot toward the opposite scoring triangle.The yellow players disks are launched on the left side of the court, and the black players disks are launched from the right side. A players cue cannot push past the scoring area when shooting a disk. Disks must cross the dead line 3 feet (0.9 m) in front of the opposite scoring area but must not hang off the edge of the court; disks that fail to cross or that hang are removed from the court.As in table shuffleboard, players try to knock their disks into the higher scoring areas and their opponents into lower scoring areas or out of play entirely.

Score the disks
Retrieve the disks and start again
Assemble the players at the shuffleboard
players or teams
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