precaution while using lpg

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Using LPG

Precaution while using LPG

The following precautions must be taken while using LPG cylinder.
Using LPG

Roughly half the LPG people use is consumed in homes for heating and cooking (in other words, instead of piped natural gas). Typically, this kind of LPG is delivered by road to a large tank placed safely outside a home or other building (for safety reasons). Its also possible to buy reusable gas canisters (from such companies as Calor in the UK) for powering standalone stoves, heaters, barbecues, and outdoor patio heaters (now frowned upon because of the energy they waste to the open air). Tiny LPG canisters are also widely used in portable haircare appliances, such as haircurling tongs.

Checked regularly the rubber pipe
Adequate ventilation in the home
How to handle LPG safely
Check the leaking gas
LPG Cabinet Heater Safety
Close the cylinder value
What to do in case of LPG leaking
Cylinders should never be placed in closed areas
Store your LPG cylinders
Plan to order earlier in winter
Cylinders should never be placed in closed areas1
Exchange cylinders
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