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Brittany Spaniel

Pet Care

Dogs make wonderful companion and give us unconditional love.
Brittany Spaniel

Popular Breeds :
The Brittany is a hearty, vigorous, medium-sized dog with a fairly short, lightly feathered single coat.The Brittany is intelligent, and easy to handle and train for hunting. It is a loving and gentle animal; obedient and always eager to please. This breed is a very active and enthusiastic hunter. They love exercise and happy being outdoor, the life span is around 10-12 years.

Assign Responsibilities
Feed at regular interval
Bowel Movement 3
Take care of Rivalry
Labrador Retriever
Essential Items
Precaution in snow 1
Brittany Spaniel
Eliminate Digging Habbit
Yorkshire Terrier
Set the ground rules
Rabies Vaccine
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