independence day

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Different types of celebrations on Independence Day

Independence Day

Independence Day observed annually on 15 August, is a national holiday in India .
Different types of celebrations on Independence Day

Children have a different perspective. They like this day because they get sweets and holiday after flag hoisting in their schools. The National Flag is hoisted by the Prime Minister of India on the ramparts of the Red Fort, Delhi after which his speech is followed. Other politicians hoist the flag in their constituencies. Not only this, private organizations celebrate Independence Day where the seniour official hoists the flag and everyone present there sings the National Anthem.Families and friends meet and have dinner together or go out to have fun and enjoyment that day. Almost all movie channels entertain their viewers with old and new patriotic movies and classics. People celebrate this auspicious and significant day in their own way. There was a time when Indians were not aware of the problems going on in the country and the society. But today, the younger generation of India has come forward and many raise their voice against the drawbacks of the society.

The government organizations have a declared national holiday this day. Also, the educational institutes and many private organizations also declare holiday on Independence Day. Everywhere there is a scene of joy, pride and rejoice. No rituals but only festivities are to be seen.Some people fly kites to express their feeling for the freedom that we have received from the British Rule. You can see hundreds of colourful kites in the sky that day and some of them in the colour of the National Flag. Some people and celebrities leave balloons of saffron, white and green colours, the colours of the Indian Tricolour, in the air.

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