benefits of green chillis

Benefits of Green chillis

21. Digestion
Consuming green chilies in the recipes and salads help in the digestion of the food since it is a very high source of vitamin C. They also interfere with reproductive processes and also have negative effects on sperms. Although green chilies have more positive health benefits but before loading them into your meal, remember that there are possible negatives as well.
22. Bone Care
Green chili is known to repair the tissues, helps in ation of new blood cells and helps in keeping the bones healthy and strong. Green chilis are immature chili peppers, most often Pasilla, Anaheim or Poblano peppers that have been harvested before fully ripening. Not as spicy as red chili peppers, they are available raw, canned or pickled and are a common addition to traditional Hispanic dishes ranging from soups to snacks. Green chilis are low in calories, virtually fatfree and rich in nutrients that can enhance your health, including vitamins A, C and K and the phytonutrient capsaicin.
23. Delays Ageing
Those who add green chilies to the diet have wrinklefree skin and remain away from ageing for a longer time. If you have a chronic digestive disorder like irritable bowel syndrome or heartburn, however, spicy foods like chilis may exacerbate the symptoms.
24. Prevents Constipation
Green chili is known to remove the harmful toxins from the human body and thus helps in preventing constipation. They are good source of dietary fiber which helps in proper movements of the bowel system. The concentration of vitamin C in a green chili pepper decreases with exposure to heat, light and air. When you purchase fresh chilis, store them in a cool, dark location and use them within three to four days.
25. Weight Loss
Since green chili helps in burning the excess fats of the body, it helps in weight loss increasing the metabolism of the human body. Regularly eating foods high in vitamin K like green chili peppers may help decrease your risk of osteoporosis and of bleeding dangerously large amounts when you are cut or injured.
26. Improves Mood
Green chili releases endorphins (hormone for feeling good) into the human brain and that helps improve good mood. The American Institute for Cancer Research reports that eating rich capsaicin sources like green chili peppers may help inhibit the growth of cancer cells, though more research is needed.
27. Prevents Stomach Cancer
Since green chili are rich source of vital nutrients, they helps in preventing stomach cancer and other stomach related problems. Raw, fresh chilies should be washed in clean water before used in cooking in order to remove any residual fungicides, sand and soil. Chilies either fresh or powder form, can cause severe burning sensation to hands and may cause severe irritation to nasal passages, eyes and throat. Therefore, it may be advised in some sensitive individuals to use thin hand gloves and face masks while handling chilies.
28. Releases Saliva
Foods that release saliva while chewing the food help in proper digestion of the food. Eating green chili helps in releasing saliva and it is thus mixed well while chewing the food. This helps in good digestion process. Fresh raw bell peppers and other sweet, mild variety peppers are being used as vegetables in cuisines in many parts of the world.
29. Dried green chili powder
Our dried green chili powder is made from authentic green chiles. Chilli powder is often a more economical method for infusing your foods with green chile flavor without the need for storing large amounts of fresh, frozen or dried green chile. With our dr
30. Minerals
Chili powder is also rich in several important minerals. One tablespoon contains 143.7 milligram of potassium, or 4.1 percent of your daily recommendation; 22.7 milligram of phosphorus, or 2.3 percent of your daily recommendation; 20.9 milligrams of calci