top most powerful armies in the world

Top Most Powerful Armies In The World

Top Most Powerful Armies In The World.
1. The United States of America
When you are talking about who the most powerful army in the world is, then you are always talking about technology, experience and money. Generally considered to be one of the wealthiest countries in the world, there is a huge amount of investment going into their Air Force, Navy, and Army. According to several studies, as of 2014 the army of the United States of America is one of the strongest armies in the world, if not the strongest and that comes down to money. The yearly budget that the United States of America government has allocated to their army is more than six hundred and twelve BILLION dollars. Yup, you read that right: more than six hundred and twelve billion dollars. It is hard to match the global firepower of a country that spends that much on an army! This is probably because, despite not having a single battle on their own soil for tens if not hundreds of years, American troops are currently deployed in nearly one hundred and fifty countries.
2. Russia
Ah, Russia. Although it has only technically been Russia the last two decades or so, the power and the history of the USSR still overshadows almost everything that it does. Once considered the most powerful army in the world, the military power of Russia is still making huge changes in the way that politics happens around it. After all, it is hard to argue with a country that has over eight thousand nuclear warheads, the most any country in the world owns! It has been pretty difficult to ignore the radical time that Ukraine has been having for the last few months although Russia has never officially got involved in the military rebellious conflict that has been happening in Ukraine, almost every single person in the world is pretty convinced that they have been supplying global firepower to Ukrainian rebels, and perhaps even sending their own troops over the border. And other countries that share a border with Russia should be getting more concerned; since the year 2008, Russia has increased its military spending by almost a third and it was spending quite a lot to begin with! Although President Vladimir Putin would never outwardly state that Russia had any plans to take over any other countries, it has always struggled to escape its USSR history and having one of the strongest armies in the world at your disposal, taking over other countries must get pretty tempting
3. China
We have all seen the video footage of the lines and lines of soldiers parading, and that is the key to China s incredibly military power: in fact, some have even called the Chinese army the strongest military in the world. Why? The answer is simple. It is a numbers game. You have to remember that China is the most populous country on the entire planet. That means that they have far more people at their disposal to join the army. In a study of the strongest armies in the world that was published in July 2014, it was revealed that China has the largest manpower of any army almost seven hundred and fifty million people, six hundred million of them are fit for service (They only use 2,000,0000+ of all this manpower on their front line). Try to imagine that many people in one room, and you will probably get a very intense headache! That is a number bigger than most countries entire population! It does not take a genius to realise that their global firepower impact is therefore huge. All you would have to do is give each and every member of that army a rifle, and they could take down most neighbouring countries . . . which is probably why China s neighbours always try to remain on good terms with them!
4. India
India has put its massive population to use, and built an army of a sizeable 3.5 million, including 1.325 million active military. The huge size of the Indian military is one of the reasons why it has always remained among the countries with best armies in the world. The man force of the army is complemented by almost 16,000 land vehicles which include 3,500 tanks, as well as 1,785 aircraft, alongside nuclear weapons. Its ballistic missiles can hit all of Pakistan or most of China. Its current defence budget stands at $46 billion, but it is expected to rise, in a drive to modernize the military power and become the 4th highest spender by 2020. It is the world s largest military goods importer.
5. The United Kingdom
It may not be called the United Kingdom for very long! The independence debate that is currently raging about the British Isles at the moment will be decided through a vote on whether or not Scotland is going to separate from the rest of the United Kingdom on the 18th of September. Whether or not Scotland is a part of the United Kingdom may not seem to have actual relevance or anything to do with at all the question of whether nor the United Kingdom is one of the strongest armies in the world, but in fact, a change in the structure of the company could have huge repercussions on their global firepower. At the moment, Trident, the United Kingdom s nuclear deterrent, lies just off the coast of Scotland. That means that if the people of Scotland decide to become independent, the rest of the United Kingdom will have to think about how they are going to move those nuclear weapons. It will cost a huge amount of money, take a very long time . . . and leave Scotland pretty much defenceless. A lot of what has been discussed with regards to the potential separation has been vague, so we hope that someone has bothered to think up a clever way of dealing with this otherwise the United Kingdom could lose their status as one of the strongest military in the world.
6. France
Some people may be spending more and more in their attempts to make themselves the most powerful army in the world, but that is certainly not what France is doing. If anything, they are doing quite the opposite . . . although funnily enough, with the opposite effect. In 2013, France decided to freeze military spending, which meant that it chose not to increase the spending along with the rate of interest. This actually meant that in real terms, one of the strongest armies in the world cut their military spending. France also got rid of one in ten people, as they were trying to raise a little bit of extra cash so that they could buy fancier equipment in the world of the military global firepower is often seen as more important than actual people. Although these changes do not sound very extreme, they are actually pretty huge. It means that France now only spends around 1.9% of its GDP on its military, which is way below the spending target that NATO has set for its member countries to strive for. However, being the strongest military in the world clearly doesn t depend on how much money you spend. Despite all of this, France s army is still one of the best in the world, and French troops are deployed in far off countries such as the Central African Republic, Senegal, and even Mali.
7. Germany
Compared to its economic prowess in the world, Germany is slightly falling behind in the strongest military in the world stakes. Instead of powering ahead, reports suggest that Germany s military strength has actually got weaker in the last few years, making it an unlikely candidate for the most powerful army in the world award. Despite all of that, Germany has spent around forty five million dollars on its budget every year the last few years so what is it that makes Germany so eager to spend the money, but not comfortable in flexing its military muscles? Well, it probably has a lot to with the fact that the Second World War had such a huge impact on German culture. It was very difficult for many normal German people to accept that such terrible things had been done in the name of expanding the German empire, and that the strongest armies in the world had to team together to prevent further atrocities from happening. That has meant that the next generation born, and growing up in the 1950s and 1960s were vehemently against war, and sought peaceful resolution to differences in opinions. Even today, German officials have been taking steps to ensure that Germany does not become a militarised country. In 2011, mandatory military service was removed, and there are still fewer than two hundred thousand active personnel.
8. Turkey
Sometimes it takes a real shock for a country to realise that they are not the strongest military in the world or even in their local area. It is only when there are other countries that are starting to struggle to protect themselves that you realise just how weak and vulnerable you really are. That is what has been happening to Turkey over the last few months. We have all seen the headlines, following the advancement of ISIS. They have been using violence to really terrify those around them, and that means that countries that border other countries where IS has a strong presence are in great danger. In the case of Turkey, however, they have responded well. Instead of scaremongering, or causing their people to panic, they have decided to meet the problem head on, and invest almost 10% more in 2015 than they did in 2014 for their global firepower and army. They also have almost a thousand aircraft in the wings, waiting to see what happens. There is also an ongoing conflict in Syria, and just in the case of IS, anger and violence can easily overspill across borders into another country. This is not what Turkey wants to see happen, and hopefully they won t have to.
9. South Korea
South Korea gets a pretty raw deal. Like so many other countries that have been split into two or more pieces because of internal strife and conflict, the foundational problems are still there. They haven t gone away; they are now just across a border. Poor old South Korea only shares a border with one other country, and that delightful neighbour is you ve guessed it North Korea, with potentially the most powerful army in the world at their disposal. All of this means that South Korea has to take their military extremely seriously, and you have never seen serious until you have seen them. Becoming one of the strongest armies in the world is considered by many to be the only way to ensure that North Korea will not simply invade them again in the future. But no matter how much global firepower you have, you cannot kill an idea. However, North Korea is not South Korea s only problem. Japan and China, which would be neighbouring countries if not for the massive expanse of water, have continued to arm themselves more and more heavily, and that means that South Korea now spends more than thirty billion dollars a year on defence. That is a lot. And considering how small a country South Korea is, it is pretty surprising that they have the sixth largest air force in the world.
10. Japan
Japan is not a country that is generally know for its army. After all, there must be many more countries that are ahead of the queue to claim the title of the strongest military in the world, right? However, after all of the passive aggressive arguing with China, Japan has started up to up the ante so that they can withstand any movement that could be made by the strongest military in the world. However, it has not always been this way. Deep into Japan s ancient history, Japanese warriors were known for their strength and speed in battle. Japanese warriors were feared all over the place, long before whether a country had global firepower or not was ever important. On the other hand, when you look at Japan s army in the modern day, it is difficult to understand how it took on one of the strongest armies in the world during the Second World War after all, the United States of America is not an enemy that you take on lightly. That, sadly, is part of the problem.

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