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Nasser Hussain

Top Cricket Commentators

Nasser Hussain

These days the smile that seems to flash from Nasser Hussains cheerful face looks genuine; he has after all every reason to be happy. If playing for England for nearly fourteen years and being called the best England captain since Mike Brearley are not reasons enough to be upbeat then there is the added joy being accepted as a good commentator too. Nasser Hussain has embarked on a new career path, though not without any remarkable departure from his previous one. He has been signed up by Sky Sports as a cricket commentator.

To many, Nasser Hussain was a thoughtful cricketer, and a captain who was never caught short of ideas. Nasser Hussain brings into the commentary box his thoughts and ideas, which are articulated in the most cogent of manners. offers information on Nasser Hussain and other famous cricket commentators.

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