tips to get ready for job interview

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Check yourself out and too

Tips to get ready for Job Interview

A job interview to determine whether an applicant is suitable for a position of employment.
Check yourself out and too

Especially if your appointment is after lunch, find a mirror and do a quick stain/spinach-in-teeth check. So simple, yet so often forgotten in the well-intentioned desire not to be late. 'One of my clients, in her haste to dress and rush to the interview, discovered that she was wearing her blouse inside-out,' says Roy Cohen, career coach and author of The Wall Street Professional's Survival Guide.

Smile like you mean it
Be aware of your skills abilities and experiences
Don t be late for the interview
Body language
Get Ready
What to Bring to a Job Interview
Organize your grand entrance
Practice Interviewing
Practice Interview Etiquette
Check Twitter one last time
Know your CV & application form
Make a Match
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