tips for men to look younger

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Make Time to Play

Tips For Men To Look Younger

Tips For Men To Look Younger
Make Time to Play

Remember as a kid all the group sports you played? Little league, the soccer team, football? Men are conditioned to focus on themselves, their family and their careers what about that little kid who loved those team activities? Get your buddies together for a group sport a pickup game of flag football, kick the soccer ball around, toss the football around, heck even frisbee can be quite the fun workout. Whatever sounds good to your broposse, kick it in gear.
If your bros are too busy with their significant others/kids, their loss. Go join a local league. Guaranteed, you won t be the only guy there who comes solo. Either way, you ll be reminded how much fun a group sport can be. And not to promise it ll make you feel like a kid again but it just might.

Eat two apples a day
Grow a Beard
Trim Your Eyebrow and Nose Hair
Consider Contact Lenses
Update Your Hairdo
Change your diet
Eat Your Fruits and Veggies
Limit white bread
Stop Thinking that youre old
Take Your Vitamins
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