tips for men to look younger

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Stop Smoking

Tips For Men To Look Younger

Tips For Men To Look Younger
Stop Smoking

Are you still doing that? Quitting is tough, but comes with a host of benefits (beyond the obvious, lifeextending ones) that you may want to consider.
Smoking makes your skin look sallow and it affects collagen, which provides your skin with youthful elasticity. Cigarette smoke is particularly harmful to the delicate skin underneath your eyesleading to puffy, dark circles. Need more reasons? Smoking dampers your sexual prowess, messes up your teeth, may cause infertility, etc. etc. Sorry to nag.
There is hope though. When you stop smoking, a lot of these unattractive side effects can be reversed, meaning that it is just a matter of time before your skin starts to improve and you start to look younger again.

Limit white bread
Eat ketchup
Lose a pound in weight
Apply Facial Moisturizer
Update Your Hairdo
Cut out diet drink
Stop Smoking
Stand Up Straight
Reduce stress
Consider Contact Lenses
Wear Sunglasses
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