tips for men to look younger

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Tips For Men To Look Younger

Tips For Men To Look Younger
1. Go Do That One Thing
You know that one thing. The thing you always thought you would have done or that place you always thought you would ve gone by now. Go skydiving, learn to scuba dive, go to Europe by yourself. Pushing your own limits and stepping out of your comfort zone will always make you feel young.
2. Consider Contact Lenses
If you wear glasses, try wearing contacts. They can instantly make you look 10 years younger.
3. Grow a Beard
Sagging jowls? Slowly developing doublechin? Cover that ish up with some facial hair.
4. Start Using High Quality Shampoo
Use a salonquality shampoo for thinning hair if you are going bald (i.e. Nioxin) or any nice thickening shampoo. At the very least, it will make your hair smell and look nice.
5. Wear Sunglasses
They ll add a little intrigue to your look and will prevent you from squinting at the bright sun all time. Which, again with the wrinkles.
6. Keep Your Lips in Line
Everyone loves luscious lips even on guys. Best stuff ever? Aveda Lipsaver. It has SPF, too. Lip balm keeps the lips from getting dry and cracked not just in cold weather, you should use this stuff yearround.
7. Update Your Hairdo
If you ve sported the same hairdo for 20+ years, your look may be looking a little stale. Changing up your hairdo can give your look a muchneeded revamp.
If you think you can pull it off, flip through men s fashion magazines and ask for a trendy new cut. If you are balding and trying to hide it, resist the urge to grow your hair long and do the combover thing.. it rarely works.
8. Cover Your Grays
This one can be applied on a casebycase basis, as a little salt and pepper can totally make men look more distinguished. But if you are selfconscious about your newly sprouting gray hairs or if you feel like you are too young to let them takeover just yet you do have options.
You could opt to dye your hair yourself with shampooin color (Just for Men makes a great one) or next time you go the salon just ask your stylist to add lowlights to your hair. Lowlights are just like the highlights your girlfriend gets, but the opposite, meaning that it will add subtle streaks of your natural hair color or oneshade darker and will naturally cover your grays.
9. Whiten Your Teeth
Most people won t even be able to pinpoint what is different about you, but you will look younger. Teeth whitening technology has become so accessible, that if you have ever thought about trying it, there really is no reason not to.
Grab a box of strips, (Crest 3D White Professional Effects Teeth Whitening Strips are a popular choice) and whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home.
10. Take Your Vitamins
Not just your runofthemill daily Centrum, which is basically just the required vitamin dosage the gov t recommends so we don t die but really amp up on Vitamin E (for the skin), Vitamin C (immune system booster), any and all antioxidants. Get advice at local health store.

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