simple tips to living longer

Sleep the right way

Simple Tips To Living Longer

Simple Ways To Live A Long And Healthy Life.
Sleep the right way

The human heart is located on the left side of the body. When you sleep on your left, your entire weight is weighed down on the heart and increases the pressure on it to pump blood. Also since the left side is at a lower position, the heart is further strained by having to pump blood against gravity to the rest of the body. If you want to relieve your heart of this weight, ensure you sleep on the right side of your body. This way the heart is on the top and can easily pump blood. Sleep right, and protect your heart.

Reach out
Protect your heart
Alone or leave it alone
Veg out with a glass of juice
Berry Tastic
Stay out of the sun
Keep them foods bright
A Morning Stretch
Start with a salad
Turn off the TV
Push and Pull
Dance like no ones watching
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