salaries of wwe superstars

Salaries of WWE Superstars

Top Salaries of WWE Superstars in 2015.
1. Roman Reigns Dollar 245 000
Pretty low isnt it? Since Roman has been pushed so hard so fast hes still on an entry level type contract. Of course he will receive some bonus money for the high card action the WWE has lined up for him. His Royal Rumble win had to be a nice paycheque and the pay for his WrestleMania main event with Brock Lesnar should be even better. Roman is obviously being pushed as the next big thing so hell have plenty of opportunity to turn his current deal into a much higher payday.
2. Bray Wyatt Dollar 254200
Bray Wyatt should be looking for a huge raise after this contract. He is by far one of the most exciting talents in the ring and absolutely owns the mic. Wyatts clever command of his gimmick has provided some very compelling TV
3. Jack Swagger Dollar 275000
The Jack of all trades has seen it all in the WWE. Former ECW Champion tag team success even reaching as high as the big gold belt. Swagger recently finds himself mired in the lower mid card as of late.
4. Seth Rollins Dollar 310000
The current WWE Champion lands at 22 for now but should quickly ascend. Another player on the cusp of stardom with a surprisingly low annual salary. Rollins broke through the same time as Reigns in their hugely popular Shield stable so it makes sense they are in the same ballpark. Rollins has proven his worth to the WWE and has a great chance
5. Titus ONeil Dollar 335050
After a rocky start in NXT Titus looked to finally harness his supreme physical ability into something usable in the ring. After gaining momentum as a tag team with Darren Young ONeil looked to be getting a push after pulling a Shawn Michaels to Youngs Janetty.
6. Kofi Kingston Dollar 354200
Kofi has been a reliable worker who has produced some of the most exciting athletic spots the WWE has ever seen. Hes experienced great success in tag and mid card singles winning 10
7. Bad News Barrett Dollar 445000
Barrett has settled into a nice upper mid card spot as the current Intercontinental Champion. Hes over with the fans and has shown great versatility. Hes carved out a nice living for himself but with the talent above him he might find it tough to demand much more. He also always seems to get injured at the wrong time which constantly halts his momentum. Barrett is one of the second class wrestlers who do not enjoy any contractual benefits regarding first class air travel or paid accommodations.
8. Zack Ryder Dollar 535000
Zack Ryder has had an up and down career with the WWE. He has cleverly used social media and a popular Youtube series to further his wrestling career. Despite a perceived lack of push from WWE management Ryders fans were loudly heard not only in their chants but more importantly with their merchandise. Ryder has even branched out with a single Hoeski that cracked the iTunes top 100. Hes a savvy business man and should look forward to several more lucrative years.
9. Christian Dollar 595000
An Attitude Era vet Christian came a long way from being a sideman in Gangrels Brood. In a story just crazy enough to be true Vince McMahon had a gimmick that only he could come up with. McMahon didnt like Christians face. He didnt think he was ugly per se he just found it annoying to look at; ratty was the term he used. Vince wanted a big blue dot to cover Chritians mug whenever he was on camera. However odd the idea may be its a fascinating look into the mad genius behind the WWE.
10. Ryback Dollar 665000
Boy is Ryback ever a Vince McMahon guy. McMahon has an infamous bias towards the big men where wrestling ability clearly comes second. CM Punk recently outed Ryback for hurting him in the ring on multiple occasions. Although Ryback does a great job on exposing his own in ring weaknesses every time he steps between the ropes he still makes twice as much as Rollins. The big guy commands a big salary despite only taking place in a handful of pay per view main events.

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